Internal Newsletter – Marketing, IT & Social Media

Internal Newsletter – Marketing, IT & Social Media

March 2021

The marketing committee has been meeting regularly to focus on 3 main areas: general marketing (collateral, website, email), IT and Social Media.

We’ve made some progress in creating the Who We Are and Who We Are Not document (thanks Gretchen!) as well as creating – and updating – a generic slide deck that can be used for a variety of presentations and by all committees.

Ruth has been working to update forms on our website as well as on survey efforts and keeping our database current.

We are planning to send emails out to targeted audiences but are ensuring that we don’t send too often and bombard our database with too much. We want them to feel that when they hear from us it’s worthwhile and relevant.

Undoubtedly you’ve been following Kathryn’s Facebook posts on a variety of topics. The posts are updated regularly with some of the more critical messaging intentionally repeated more often. Please like & share often to keep getting our message out.

Definitely check out our blog post on our partnership with Embrace the Difference and stay tuned for more details about the launch of our signature bracelet and fundraiser around Mother’s Day.

We are always open to ideas for social media posts, emails or blog posts for the website – send them along to