Internal Newsletter – Property Development

Internal Newsletter – Property Development

March 2021

SouthTowns Update:

The Home of My Own SouthTowns Property Committee has identified a location in East Aurora and things are moving forward quickly.  The location will be a combination of new build and re-use of an existing structure.  The committee has been diligently working with a local developer and architect to finalize the conceptual drawings to be used during site plan approvals and East Aurora community outreach.  Just this week, we met with the Village of East Aurora Building and Code Office and are finalizing our list of site plan and zoning needs.  In preparation for the final design of our housing locations, the SouthTowns Committee in collaboration with the NorthTowns Committee developed a Home of My Own General Planning & Design Consideration document.  The document is a resource for our developer, design, & construction professionals who are engaged in the planning and design of our Home of My Own of WNY Independent Living Housing.  This document outlines the specific planning & design requirements needed to meet our Mission, Vision, and Values.   We are excited to work with all of our partners on this project and expect to report even more progress in the near future.

NorthTowns Update:

When Home of My Own’s Board and Advisory Committee members met last October, the NorthTowns Property Committee had identified a promising property on Meyer Road adjacent to the Maple Rd. Premier Gourmet.  With the assistance of developer Sam Savarino, we had put in an offer to purchase the property from Premier’s owners.  Unfortunately, over the course of the next several months, we have been unable to come to mutually acceptable terms with the Seller.  Premier has been unwilling to budge off its $1.5 million asking price, and the property is beyond our budget at that price.  Unless Premier changes its mind, the Meyer Road property is off the table for Home of My Own.

Onwards and upwards!  Earlier this year, we met with Douglas Development, redeveloper of the Boulevard Mall.  Douglas is initially enthusiastic about our project – Paul Millstein, its director of development, has an adult daughter with I/DD! – but they are a long way off from redeveloping the mall into the envisioned Town Center.  We continue to be in touch with Douglas and will keep you posted as to their progress.

We continue to look for other properties in the NorthTowns, but they are few and far between.   Maggie Winship, Director of Economic Development for the Town of Amherst, is aware of our mission and is keeping us informed of potential sites.  If you become aware of a property that we should consider, please let us know!

Questions or ideas for the property development committee? Contact Amy @ or John @