Internal Newsletters – Residential Support

Internal Newsletters – Residential Support

March 2021

UB Field Fair 2021

Inclusive of our efforts to move forward in establishing well-rounded opportunities for success for Home of My Own of WNY, we have been fortunate to have been building a warm, working relationship with Deborah Waldrop, a professor within the SUNY at Buffalo Social Work program.

Throughout the fall of 2020, in discussions with Deb Waldrop, we began exploring possible partnerships that might include the social work internships within Home of My Own of WNY; providing a venue for students to build experience while meeting their program requirements and support (eventually) the residents who might be living with us in the future.  

In pursuit of this effort, we became aware of the Field Fair scheduled for January of this year.  Through this venue, UB had hoped to introduce enrolled students to the many organizations in Western New York that were seeking to provide internship opportunities, as well as introduce these organizations to the students seeking internships.  Due to COVID restrictions, this field fair was going to be a virtual event for the first time.  In preparations for the UB Field Fair, several of our HoMOWNY Board members collaborated via Google Slides to create a PowerPoint-like presentation designed to introduce the students to our organization, including our mission, vision and goals.  The presentation also provided several samples of what an internship with our organization could look like. The included QR (quick-read) code was created and included in the presentation as an opportunity to bring interested students directly to our website for more information.

On the day of the UB Field Fair, Ellen Pachioli and Karen Cuddy were co-hosts to several sessions, and joined by Leah Marchewka and Nancy Bojanowski when they were able.  While the internship candidate pool was relatively small, it was interesting to be introduced to the variety of students backgrounds and interests.  Unfortunately, to date, we have not had any students follow-up to express interest in a placement with our organization. We feel that this is likely due to our current stage of development but are hoping that as we move forward with brick and mortar settings and residents with whom these students can engage directly, that the future will yield a greater response.