Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This housing option will be a “community” setting so the residents can live on their own but not alone. What we are planning will be an innovative and efficient housing model that will combine form and function and offer a pleasant and safe place to live, with the appropriate supportive services provided through their self-direction budgets.

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What are the requirements for residents/independent living?

There will be screening protocols to ensure residents can live independently and safely.

Will this be a Certified Setting?

No, this will not be a Certified Setting.  Residents are expected to be capable of their own daily self-care and independent enough to be capable of being alone at times.

How will this differ from other residential options in WNY?

Home of My Own of WNY’s goal is to create a planned residential community that focuses on the unique needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are committed to a residential option that incorporates many items important to the IDD population – safety, independence, social interaction, transportation, and inclusion within the larger Western New York community.

How will approval be determined?

It will be an application and interview process with a combination of approval by Self Directed Services/Budget, ability to meet independent living requirements and background/reference check.

Is there a waiting list?

Not at this time, but we anticipate there will be as the project moves forward.

Where is the money coming from to support this project?

Grants, fundraising, and private donations.

What will the cost be for an apartment?

We anticipate the apartment will be affordable through private funds such as self-direction budgets, SSI, SSDI or private payment methods.

Where will this be located?

We currently have approval from the East Aurora town and village boards to build our first apartment community in the village. One other site is being pursued in the Northtowns in or surrounding a centrally located suburb such as Amherst. It’s our goal to find locations where many of the residents’ daily needs are met within walking distance.

Will the residence be on a bus route?

Yes, it is our intention to have the residence on a bus route for the convenience and safety of all residents.

When can the residents move in?

This will depend on when we find a suitable location and have the funds to break ground.  We are hoping to break ground sometime in 2022.

Will there be 24/7 supervision?

While we do anticipate there will be a responsible adult on premises 24/7, there might be times when there is not.

Who qualifies?

All residents must be 21+ and diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability.. The residents must not have a criminal background or any history of severe behavioral or inappropriate sexual behaviors. There will be background and reference checks. Donations to our nonprofit do not guarantee that a person will be chosen for residency.